Beach shot at Porthcurno

Hi Helen We 'stumbled across' your artistry whilst on a short break in South Cornwall. We purchased a particularly fine shot you took of Porthcurno with an almost 3-dimensional effect of rocks, waves & sky from your friend's gallery in Mevagissey (incidentally she is an excellent ambassador for you!!) The 4' canvas has taken pride of place in our sitting room, in the New Forest, much admired by friends & family alike. We wanted to thank you for providing us with a lasting image of such a wonderful location & wish you continued success in providing inspiration & pleasure to so many of us!!
Jon Grant

love your work and beautiful country

Some years ago, I decided to take up digital photography. Before I bought my SLR, I studied the Photo Art mag. on the stand at the book store near by. I saw your stunning work on the cover of one of them. I bought it and was struck by the high quality and stunning beauty of your work. The rich pure colors and depth of field and clear throughout. Since then, I have followed your work on my PC. I still have a lot to learn about this art form. Your work inspires me onward as I search for my own expression in outdoor photography. I live on the Southern Calif. coast. The Big Sur coast in central Calif. reminds me somewhat of your beautiful British West coast you love so much and have done such beautiful photos of. I wish I could see your coast for real, but I live to far away. You continue to be an on going inspiration to me. Thank you for all you have given to so many of us through your outstanding work.
paula J Dahl

Your portfolio

Helen your work is amazing, im based on bodmin moor, and im enjoying living the dream in cornwall with my camera.
Chris Barnard

Just wanted...

Just wanted to say thank you for being such a great inspiration to me and I'm sure many, many others. I guess I'm still very much a beginner (about a year now into photography) but never have I enjoyed learning about new things as much as I am with photography. Again - thank you
Russ B


Al klikkend kwam ik op je site.
Ik ben verbaast over je werk met filters.
Zelf werk ik met Cocin-filters en bewerk na op picasa.
Je levert prachtig werk
succes Wim S.
Gezinus Willem Soldaat

Landscape photography

I am currently studying Landscape photography in school and i have chosen to use your work as its ourtstanding and all yopur images seem like they have a meaning behind them

Your photography is...

Dear Helen
Yes, its been said before by many people; your photography is stunning and beautiful. I see it so often that full-frame digital cameras, such as yours, have a brightness, clarity and sharpness that the smaller AP-C sized cameras cannot match. I use a D300s and although it's good it doesn't come close to your cameras or the D700 or D800 Nikons. Very well done; lovely, lovely pictures. Julian
Julian Heath

Nice works

Nice works and advices in the magazine . If you want to visit and shoot in my country, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will be plesaed if Ican help you.

photo site

Was also thinking of setting up a photo site and looked at yours. Not sure I can live up to this! Fantastic
Dave Atherton

Beautiful photographs...

Beautiful photographs, just shows you are very passionate about what you do.
Colin Cunningham ARPS

Your images are awesome

Your images are awesome. They make me want t travel more. Please keep up the good work.
Mike Morgan

truly inspirational

Like your work truly inspirational.Loved your openness in the f.a.q.'s
Gordon Stancliffe


Wow & wow Helen. I've been reading your magazines for some time now & am amazed at the content volume in easy to understand terms. You are an inspiration to photographers universally & hope to take photos half as good as you.
Keep shooting Helen.
Regards from Australia. Come visit some time.

Great photography

Great photography and thanks for providing the inspiration!
Paulo Tan

excellent photographs

After 30 years of amateur photography I have finally got round to thinking of having my own website - yours was chosen at random as an example to look at - very impressed, some excellent photographs
Trevor Rudkin


hi helen! i just wanted to leave a message of congratulations for your work! I love watching your images, really nice and full of deep feelings. Great Britain has wonderful locations and through your eyes we appreciate how beautiful it is. Keep on shooting! judith


Hi Helen, I visited your site while deciding whether to take the plunge and create a Clikpic site of my own and was blown away by your images. The compositions, colours and sharpness are outstanding if I can get somewhere near that standard I'll be a very happy man.
Mike Hemming

Love your pictures

Love your pictures Helen, do you do Photography courses on location?
Alex Titley


C'est avec plaisir de revoir le site,merci et A+
Marichal Claude

Big fan

OMG I can't believe I am finally talking to you!! but yeah my name is Sydnee, im 17 years old and you're work has inspired me to keep continuing my love for photography! i am such a big fan of your work i love them all
Sydnee Bailie

New website

Love the new website and there's so many great images I've not seen before. Catch up soon, all the best, Daniel x
Daniel Lezano

amazing work

Wow some really amazing work helen!!
Seen some work in the magazines but your website portfolio is amazing.
Well done
James Furtado

blown away!

Just wanted to say how blown away I was with your images. Certainly makes me realise how much I still have to learn. You are truly inspirational. You must do a great deal of research into photographic locations.
Graeme Styles

Wonderful artwork.

I thoroughly enjoyed your Polperro gallery. Wonderful artwork.
Id like to know if you could tell me which lenses you find most useful - so I can hire or invest in one.

I'm currently enjoying photography and taking the time to enjoy Britain's beautiful landscapes at daft times in the morning.

I also enjoy rewarding myself with a good breakfast and a coffee.

Thanks for your advice and help esp in Outdoor Photography.
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin


excellent photography, some truely insperational shots
digital anomaly

England is so photogenic

Very nice photography and great talent. Can't believe that England is so photogenic! Looks like I will have to come back and experience it.
I also like your panorama photography. Do you use special SW or any special lenses to create the panaormic view? In any case, keep it up!
Marc Staples


Your photographs are amazing. I note you are self taught. I too am learning through magazines, the internet and 1 day courses. You have give me real inspiration and for that I thank you. Because some of the courses that I have seen are expensive and not an option.
Polly Todd


w o w . . .
René Stout

amazing work

Hi Helen.
I am a budding new photographer and I am eager to look at a website so found you through Clikpic. Your photo's are truly stunning and a real inspiration. If you happen to be on Flickr I would appreciate some feedback on my images from you. If you search Steve Bloor you should find me. Thanks and keep up the amazing work
Steve Bloor

stunning images

Some wonderful stunning images Helen, an inspiration. Makes me realise howmuch I still have to learn. Wonderful work, thank you.


Your photos are beautiful, I enjoyed them very much.

Good Eye

Hi Helen, you have some wonderful pictures taken with a good eye and sense of colour. Keep up the good work!
Mark Balman

Lovely Images

Hi there, you have some really lovely images. I am on the cusp of starting a Clikpic website and particularly like the clean, crisp lines of yours. Can you tell me if your template is offered by Clikpic, or is it your own?
Good luck for 2012!

Superbe photos

Superbe photos,merci et A+.
Marichal Claude

Previous Purchasers

Helen, Just received the most fantastic photo of a spring Beechwood with Bluebells - Xmas pressie for my recently widowed auntie who loves bluebells - my uncle adored beech woods - so an ideal present for her - Hope she loves it as much as I do. Thanks again. Very prompt delivery from the Gallery x
Cathy C

true inspiration to me...

These are some of the best photo's that i have ever seen... As an novice in the world of photography, your pictures are a true inspiration to me... I have saved your site in my favourite's bar and will forever look back at your pic's and hope that one day, mine will be half as good... Many thanks, Lee of RAW Talent Photography
Lee McDonnell

"Beautiful Britain' campaign

If I were running a "Beautiful Britain' campaign I would book all your time for a year. You've made southern England look like a paradise on Earth and I'm looking forward to your visions of the rest of our islands.
Owen Andrew

Stunning imagery

Hi Helen ~ About to sign up to ClikPic for a personal website and having viewed your site it has confirmed this is the way forward ~ Stunning imagery with Passion of Eye from the Photographer ~ Respect'
Rick B
Rick Bransby


Hello Helen, I must say that I'm most impressed by your work. I think your photos are simply beautiful, I've found your site link in Adam's site and I'm very happy I did. Thank you for your wondeful photos, I'll come back later on, you can be sure of that. Meanwhile I'd be most honoured if you visit my site to:
my photos are not as good as your's but I think you may like one or two... :)

Thank you,
Jo?o Domingues

Great Work

hello helen. your work is beautiful. you have a very delicate "touch" & connection with nature. great work.

Stunning images

Stunning images,i used to think that you would have to go to college to become a pro photographer, it inspires me to see the beautiful images you've taken with being self taught,i love photography,especially landscapes,i'm a big fan of your work.
Martin Barr

Super Photos - Gift

Super photos. The photo of the Denbies Wine Estate at Dawn is fantastic - Purchased this for my Brother and Sister in law as a wedding gift, they were over the moon with this gift. Thanks so much.
Cathy C

Stunning photography

Stunning photography Helen!, a good source of inspiration for my own efforts. Thanks for publishing your work.
Nigel Wilkins


Stunning photos Helen


Really enjoyed looking through your galleries Helen, inspiring, beautiful work.
Craig Denford

Loved your photos

Outstanding work Helen! Loved your photos.


You have a very good eye for just the right composition. A delight to view your work. Thank you for taking up photography.

very inspiring...

hi helen been following your work for a while now especially as your local like me love your sun flower photo and your lavender field,plan to go there myself this year,
richmond and bushy park are my favourite haunts ,your work is very inspiring.
mike cooper

Great work

Hi Helen,
I have been eagerly awaiting new images and must say I am not disappointed! Great work, being from Sussex I can see the amount of walking involved in some of the south downs shots.
Keep up the good work!
Tim Nevell

I like it

I would like to say very nice landscape photography. You have very good colour in your photography very good work well done. I like it.
South Wales Photographer

wonderful compositions

Your galleries of landscape photographs are wonderful compositions which make fantastic use of light and colour.
D Whitehead

Stunning work!

Your landscapes of Cornwall capture everything I love about my home county. Dramatic and beautiful at the same time
Stunning work!
Paul Hedges

Truly beautiful work

Truly beautiful work, inspiring.
kind regards

Andy Wincer

Beautiful work

Superb compositions and capture of quality light.
Thank you for the pleasure Helen. Beautiful work.
Archie Muntz

Super awesome pictures

Super awesome pictures Helen! Great work
God Bless! Keep it up!
Dixon Liu

Très beau site

Très beau site, vos photos de paysages sont magnifiques et féériques.

Gérard Glaize

Thank you

I love looking at other people's photography websites for pure enjoyment as well as inspiration. I have to say that yours is one of the best I have seen in a long time. Thank you.
Michael Roberts

Inspiring work

Inspiring work, thanks.
heko koster

inspiring galleries!

Hello Helen, I loved your fantastic and inspiring galleries! Very nice work!
Best regards,

I like your gallery...

I like your gallery..you sea and landscapes are just inspiring and witty...you had a picture with a theme "sun kissed' I think...you have managed to put word /theme into a picture intelligently and smartly


Hi Helen,
I just had to write and say that your images are truly inspirational. From the glorious light through to your wonderful compositions, you've mastered the art of drawing the viewer into your photograph, to see what you see. I have never been to the UK but through your imagery I now have a sense of some of the spectacular scenery that you have over there. Thanks for sharing your work with the world. Cheers, Laura.
Laura Smith

your photography

Your amazing and Your photography out standing. the sort of shots that you'd see selling in ikea. To a lot of photographers out their I wouldn't even be classed as a serious amateur. However, I know a the difference between a good and great shot! Money I guess stops me going any further. I'm still at the learning stage and making a lot of mistakes as every photo I take can be just that little bit better. I guess being critical is a good thing, right? I love macro and landscape work and have had some success with my old canon and saving for the EOS 5D Mk11 Good luck with you venture. I'm sure the future is extremely colourful, A real pleasure spending a little time on your site.
Jan H Brown


Some of the best landscape pictures I have for a very long time.


Hi Helen
Well i can only sum up what everyone else has commented in one word MARVELOUS
I can only hope that one day i can achieve what you have done in 7 yrs i have been at it now for 4yrs so see what happens keep up the good work will visit regular

regards Evan
Evan Michael

keep it up!

I thought your photographs were stunning! The composition is excellent and the detail great. Was inspired by the article in digital slr in how in sevens years you have taken such excellent pictures you deserve all the success. Great work keep it up.
John Allinson-Smith


I thought you're photographs are stunning and you manage to capture the light very well. Thanks for sharing them with us!
Natalie Haymer

your images

Hi Helen
Just love your images.
I am also an An Post staff member frustrated at not being a full time photographer !!!
Delighted to see you make that jump from Royal Mail. You must pay a visit to the West of Ireland. Try to view Inish Oirr or Inishbofin on Google
Take care
Ger O Byrne


Your photos are amazing!
Jan Bainar


These photographs are beautiful. The go to show the dedication you have used in producing them. Well Done !!!
Sam Foster


Hi Helen,
I like to see your picture. Your picture so awesome. I wish i can be like you.

I want to add your link in my blog. I hope you don't mind. Thank's

use of light

Your images are stunning and use of light to create a unique moment speaks of dedication and patience. Much inspiration to try and improve my own love of photography to better capture those special moments of creation of something worthwhile
brian oxley


Someone told me to have a look at your work....I'm glad I did! some superb images on your website.
Tony Armstrong

keep up the good work

Helen, superb images, especially the seascapes, but all of them are professional looking images, impressed, keep up the good work.
Malc Richings

The Essential guide to Landscape Photography

After reading threw “The Essential guide to Landscape Photography” where you have a number of tutorials that I found very useful, I had to take a look at your website. Your expert tutorial on sharpness is the one I like best. I am blown away by your photography and hope one day I will be able to capture a landscape as stunning as you do. I am not new to photography but I still have a long way to go. I love learning new techniques to help me improve in my photography and your tutorials in this book helped me out a lot. I look forward to seeing more of your photography in the future. Thank you.

Brian Owen


Stunning photography showing just how important the right lighting is in a photograph Have made you Website of the week on our club website
Barry Weaver

Your gallery

Your gallery so awesome it get me inspired.
indra phang

I enjoyed your work

I accidentally came across your website and I enjoyed your work.
I was looking for my professor's website. Her name is Helene Dixon and saw your website.
God bless you!
Come to Texas! There is much to see!
Elva P Garcia


Hi Helen,
Spectacular shots and superb natural looking post-processing. I hope to visit your wonderful country someday soon!

Michael Backunas


very nice photos really enjoyed looking at them.your mum is so proud
susan marsh


Well Helen, I would like to say that you have produced a stunning array of photographs, most of which are near me in Cornwall. I even recognise some individual stones! A wonderful and inspirational collection. I love seascapes and Nanven is certainly a gold mine.

Porthleven, Cornwall

Hi Helen,
Love your images of my home place Cornwall, i`d like to invite you to photography the fishing village of Porthleven and maybe you`ll invite me along and give me a few pointers along the way?? It`ll be a challenge for you, Fancy it??
Phil Ruberry

Eight Wonders of the World in Photography

Went to your website you have produced Eight Wonders of the World in Photography. Each landscape and seascape is fully and beautifully composed. Do you finalise the photos in HDR?
I love those skies. FYI I like to take sky photos instead of CHASING THE RAINBOW!
It is a shame people don't have even the courtesy and decency to ask your permission and steal your work without giving or mentioning any credit to the creator of great work. Keep up the beautiful work.

Digital SLR photography magazie cover Aug 2009

Keep up the inspiring work. As an aspiring photographer I find your pics very creative. Would love to lean more if you can have some tips on your site.
Thank you.

a breath of fresh air

Awesome photography a breath of fresh air.
Roy Roberts

coastal images

just been looking at your site and you have some lovely images love the coastal images

just starting

just starting photogrpahy myself, i think your photos are pritty amazing


simply amazing, tremendously inspiring and a clear illustration of a certain level of sensitivity, to the landscape that surrounds you
Leo Lynch

Congratulations for you article

Dear Helen
Congratulations for you article, in DSLR mag of this month. Amazing your landscape photos and your enthusiastic words. Good luck for your future works that for sure i will follow in your website. You have made my day of today. Many tanks (and sorry the bad english)

Mario Nuno Soares

Dslr Magazine

Superb shots truly amazing , as an aspiring landscape photographer your work is truly amazing I would go as far as to say some of the best I have seen . Thanks Helen your photos capture the very special beauty of the Uk .
Mark Mc Mullan


Dear Helen Dixon
I saw an article about your work in the Aug 09 issue of Digital SLR Photography and my breath was taken away.

I looked you up on Google to see some more of your work and your images are just outstanding.

I am just a beginner in this business and your work will definitely be a huge inspiration to me.

In Iceland it is not hard to find some interesting motives, it is simply at every footsteps. I can just imagine what you could do with that.

You are definitely a natural born photographer. Very best of luck to you and thanks for the inspiration you provide to me and lot of others. Full thrust ahead!!
Halldor Jonsson

Good luck!

Hi Helen
I just wanted to say congratulations on a wonderful site. Its full of amazing and inspiring images.

The article in Digital SLR Photography was a pleasure to read and has inspired me to get out and shoot a few more landscapes.

I hope your success continues and good look with the move to Cornwall, I'm very jealous !!

Oliver Ivory-Bray

breath taking!

Hi Helen,
I was just checking out your website and its awesome! Every single photograph is just breath taking! I'm just wondering what lense(s) do you use to photograph landscapes? You definitely inspired me, thanks

Great photos

Great photos, great site. I aspire to be half as good in twice the time. Nice article in the magazine, very human.

I find your images very inspirational.

Hi Helen,
I've just looked through some galleries of your work, and am absolutely astounded by the quality of the photographs!! I love the colours and vibrancy! As a practicing artist, I find your images very inspirational.

All the best,

love your work

love your work! every image is a work of art. love your compositions and you have a great eye for colour. looking forward to seeing much more!


Hi Helen,
I read your article in DSLR mag and visited your website. I live in Chios island in Greece and am also the proud owner of a 5D mkii. I just wanted to say that your images are breathtaking and inspiring. From now on your website will be among my favorites.
Michael Plakotaris

good luck

Hi Helen
I have been taking photographs in West Cornwall for a few years but have never seen, or taken, any images as beautiful as the ones you have here. I don't live in Cornwall so always have to trust to luck when I am there to get the light but you seem to be able to capture the beauty and mystery of it, and in fact everywhere else you visit. The article in the magazine is inspirational to any new photographers. I wish you luck with whatever the future holds for you.
Barrie Tumbridge

DSLR Magazine

Dear Helen,
Many thanks for the Fantastic pictures and the article published on DSLR Magazine. As others stated your pictures are truly inspriational and very informative.You are quite right about
"jobs worth guards" as I have come across many.I have few Nikon DSLRS. After seeing your pictures I am thniking of buying a Canon 5D MKII.Would this be a good camera? Try JUZA, he is fantastic too. I wish you all the very best. Kind regards Pat
Pat Pathinayake


Hi Helen
I found your article,in DSLR,really inspirational.Being fairly new to photography I am also using magazines and the internet as a way of improving my skills.Your love of Cornwall has given me motivation to visit there.
Many thanks
Gwyn Gunner

Aug 09 edition of DSLRP

Hi Helen.
I really enjoyed the article on your work in the Aug 09 edition of DSLRP.

I particularly like the way you make use of interesting foregrounds in your images. It is something I am trying to include in my images.

Best Wishes with your new found career.
Alan Fidler

Just wanted to say

Just wanted to say that your work is up their with the best


south west

Clearly much of your work is around the south west so I can identify many of the places you have worked.
I really like your style and I make this observation as a photographer of 56 years in industrial, commercial and landscape work.
Best wishes for the future.
Colin Taylor-Pemberton

Your story is a true inspiration

Hello Helen,
After receiving DSLR Photography magazine subscription as a birthday present I came across your article. You have taken some fantastic shots and written a very nice feature.

I am now inspired to take more landscape shots myself and improve my photography. I have only been taking pictures for a month or so after being hooked.

Your story is a true inspiration and encouragement for me, and Im sure many others, to pick up a camera.

So thank you, also you have some wonderful images in your gallery and I look forward to tracking any future pictures in the coming years.
Richard Kay


Hi Helen,
Would just like to say how utterly Brilliant and inspiring your images are. I have only been learning photography for about 4-5 weeks now, and after reading your bit in the magazine, well lets just say it has transformed me and my images. After a trip to whitby at the weekend I came back with one or two great ones to add to the collection.
Many Thanks
Adam Marriott


I really enjoy your Landscapes o Cornwall.
My favourite County for the seascapes.
Devon has some beautiful sites such as Newton Ferris and Nos Mayo, but Cornwall takes some beating. I hope you make your fortune from those beautiful scenes. Best Regards,Len
Len Moore

your story

Hi Helen,
I just wanted to let you know how inspired I was reading your story in the DSLR magazine. You have truly inspired me to take my photography to the next level. I have a deep yearning to become a professional photographer and you have given me the boost I need.
Your images are truly magical - the colours so vibrant. You deserve all the success that comes your way.


Dear Helen
I read your article in one of the photography magazine and I must say, it has given me so much inspiration to work harder on my photography, I have recently just started with this hobby and I am truly enjoying it, I'm just a beginner and I still have a long long long way to go but one day I hope to produce such amazing pictures like yours. I too live very near Richmond (Roehampton) so I am also fortunate to have the park nearby. Regards Joyce
Joyce Dela Paz

Keep up the good work.

Just finished ready your story in the magazine and found it very inspirational. I myself am more of an urban photographer. Still in the early stages and just starting to get to grips with my EOS 450D. I like to think one day I too could become professional. Until then I will just keep on enjoying my hobby. Your photos are truly stunning. Keep up the good work.

just like to say..

Hi helen, just like to say....nice one....your photos are very inspiring to say the least...i have always been interested in landscape views and like a lot of other people,have found your work a pleasure to view,of which they have been taken in a lovely part of the country,but maybe you would like some of the views in the north east?...coast and countryside.keep up the great work.take care.
Dave Christie

Landscape photography

Your working history and photographs are amazing and you deserve it all. I long to escape my 9-5 job and do the sort of thing you are doing and you are an inspiration to us all. I have a real passion for Landscape photography but seeing your photos has really opened my eyes. I envy you more than you could ever know. Keep up the good work and keep entertaining us all with your stunning work.
Chris Turner


hi helen,
my names michelle and i'm a photography student from australia.
just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how inspiring your photography is to me.
well done! and keep shooting

Your story

I found your story in Digital SLR Photography magazine inspiring and, having now looked at your website, your photos even more so. Wonderful stuff.
Julian Cartwright